ready for bastinado part 2

#182-Ready for bastinado 2

This torture can last for hours. For the victim this position is not difficult to hold, but it is terribly painful for the poor soles who must suffer hit after hit. Even if it is a fairly comfortable position, the pain becomes unbearable, and mixed with the psychological effect of the situation, it becomes one of the most cruel tortures. Having bare feet in a stock that does not allow any movement whatsoever and makes it impossible to cover or protect one's soles, increases the effect of perceiv...
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ready for bastinado part1

#176-Ready for bastinado

After the first verbal interrogations, we move on to the physical ones. One of the most commonly used methods is soles caning. There are many variations of this torture, in this case the victim's shoes and socks are removed and she is forced to lie on the ground. Then her feet are locked in a wooden stock, which is raised to the right height, so that the victim has her feet fully exposed to the torturer. Once placed in this position, torture can start.
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on interrogation chair

#170-On interrogation chair

In various regions of the world, torture is still used as a method of interrogation. Here a seatless chair is used, where the victim has feet and hands handcuffed, so that she cannot move. The victim's shoes and socks are removed and she's taken barefoot to the chair in order to make her feel more uncomfortable and exposed. In addition, her bra was removed, so that during interrogation, she could easily have her breasts revealed to make her feel even more vulnerable. The victim remains hooded fo...
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